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Saturday, January 13, 2007

I hate Ikea - Who posts a sofa?

Good start to the day. Went to the Bett Show in Olympia. Cool ICT computer show for schools. Lots of cool toys. See my other blog for details.

My problem today is Ikea. Today after many months Ikea where supposed to deliver the 2nd part to my sofa. We have had a number of delivery date problems, but finally it was here. I had my Dad ready to pop over to let the deliver people in one they rang him. (That's what they do)

And was really annoyed to discover that they had it sent by post. Parcel Force tried to deliver it not Ikea at all. Who posts a sofa???? I'll put a picture up tomorrow, when I collect it.

In sort don't use Ikea delivery service it is rubbish and their customer service people do not now whats going on.


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